A policy analyst with experience in public policy, performance management, statistical analysis, problem solving, negotiations, and stakeholder relations. Resume includes both private and public sector experience.

Holds a Masters degree (M.A.) in Public Policy and Administration from the University of Guelph. Completed dissertation topic, which was entitled "Public Private Partnerships in the Urban Transit Sector: Lessons Learned from the Canadian and International Experience."

Completed a Bachelors degree at York University.Was elected the Vice-President of Communications of the Student Union (2006) and was twice elected campus President of a major political club.

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Ken's Interest's

 Ken completed his M.A. Thesis in transit policy, and has even made an appearance on CBC Radio. Check out his perspective on transit policy.
 Keep current in the area of Broadcasting and Telecoms. Understand and take advantage of the options that consumers have in the digital age.
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